Monday, November 22, 2010

Custom Painted Portrait Ornaments

A new batch of hand painted custom portrait ornaments glazed, fired in my kiln and waiting to be decorated with ribbon.

The work in process and the finished ornaments ready to be shipped to a very proud grandfather.

For a couple commemorating their Disney World engagement and wedding which will also take place in that magical world.

For a fan of Joe Paterno and the Littany Lion of Penn. State.  In celebration of a winning season.  

If you are interested in a hand painted portrait ornament handmade from your photo - click here  I would love to create a special keepsake for you and your loved ones.


  1. oh these are so neat!!! what a great idea!!!

  2. I love this concept. My mom used to purchase us each an ornament with our name on it as kids but having portraits on the ornaments is so special and original!


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