Friday, April 30, 2010

A Golden Moment in Time

Found Art Friday
And the theme is Golden

Cathy Nichols curates a themed art show each month on her blog,  "Paintings by Cathy Nichols".  The show, Found Art Friday, is a delightful way to showcase various artists and art mediums.  The theme for April was "Golden".   I've included a few of her selections below ~  but please visit her blog to see the many interpretations of the word ~*~ Golden

We are Golden by Cathy Nichols

Golden Hour by Gina Lee Kim

Golden by Pippin

~*~Thank You Cathy~*~
For featuring my "Golden Boy" Painting in this months Found Art Friday!

~*~And ~*~ 

Congratulations to Cathy for her 8 page feature in the 2010 summer issue of "Artful Blogging" Magazine.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dive Into the Pool!

Welcome to my studio as a fresh sequence of paintings are created.

This is the first in my new series of "Diving into Summer" Paintings ~ 
capturing the nostalgic feel of summer afternoons by the pool.

The original photograph and inspiration for this piece ~
Extreme Diver in 1963 - found on Flicker

Photograph ~ copied, cut, and collaged onto an 8 x 10 inch gallery wrap canvas.
Background composition sketched in and first layer of color painted on the canvas.

Color palette ~ mainly blues, greens, golden browns, yellow and white.

Detail and facial features lightly painted in  ~

The finished painting ~ signed, sealed and available in my shop ~

And hung together with Vacation Cruise

Thank you for your visit.  Please feel free to leave comments about your summertime memories.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Women who Art - Student Spotlight

This weeks Student Spotlight welcomes you to into my studio to view the work of an incredibly gifted artist who is also an asset to our class ~ Virginia Hudgins.
 During this session, Virginia chose to reproduce a sailboat photograph she found in Coastal Living Magazine.
 With her great eye for color, Virginia selected a palette of white, purple, blue, brown and green paint.

 Then used a combination of these colors to paint the landscape,

as well as the shadows in the sailboat and along the grass.

 By means of a very steady hand, she enhanced the feel of a bright, sun-lit day with highlights of white, deepened the shadows of blue, green and brown ~

 and created a whimsical field of wild flowers.  With a few minor touches to finish the painting ~ 

 Virginia has another masterpiece to add to her collection.

Thanks to Virginia for allowing me to showcase her talent!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Family ~ My Inspiration ~ My Story

I always thought that growing up in a beach town, 
 image found via flicker

marrying a man who loves to surf, 

  raising children who grew up with sand between their toes, 

having well-ridden beach bikes and beach gear always ready to go,

and spending almost every family vacation at a coastal town somewhere

were what stimulated my love of painting colorful images of beach babes 

 and surfing scenes.  
But upon closer introspection, I now realize it goes much further back then that - the love of the sea and all things beach related run deep within my blood!

My grandmother, as a teenager with her father and sister at the Jersy Shore, loved the beach.

 My grandfather, as a young man, loved his time at the Shore.

And together, as adults, they treasured their family vacations by the ocean.

Introducing my mother to the gentle pull of rolling waves and sand at a young age.
Which continued to draw her into her young adult years ~

and proved to be the place where she and my father would retreat while he was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida. 

It became a welcome destination for relaxing and family time once children came along.
We settled in Virginia Beach when I was six - 
and it is here that I, along with my two brothers and two sisters, grew up ~ where I got married, and where my husband and I have raised our two children.
  And, now that we are grown and with families of our own, the beach continues to be the place where my parents go to relax, 
 to walk, and to gather with their adult children and grandchildren...subtlety passing  along their deeply ingrained  love of, and respect for, the ocean and the beach.
One can see that my heritage, along with my family, are a huge part of what have and what will continue to inspire me.
 ~ That is part of the story behind my work. ~
I hope that I have encouraged you to consider from who or what comes the motivation behind your creative spirit.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Beach Babes Commission Portrait ~ In Progress

~ A Peak inside My Studio ~ 
The progress of a commissioned painting from a photograph to the finished painting on canvas.

 The original photograph

Step One: Composing the picture with a charcoal sketch on canvas

Step Two: Laying out the painting with complimentary colors.

Step Three: Painting in skin tones and color value.

Step Four: Adding shadows and highlights.

And the finished piece:
Beach Babes Painting on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Two Views:
The original photograph and finished painting side by side.

If you would like to see more of my work, click on my custom orders button.  A custom portrait makes a wonderful gift for mothers day.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wonderful Surfing Photography

one of my favorite city and beach destinations  
Shot by a fabulous photographer
Inspiration for a new work of art.
The Destination - Charleston S.C and the Beach of  Isle of Palms

What is there not to love about a city filled with inviting front porches ~

 Or with a street aptly named Rainbow Row  ~

Or one that is simply dripping with Southern Hospitality and History -
Or - most importantly - the place where my husband took me to propose in April of 1988!

who shot this lovely beach photograph on Isle of Palm.

and this dreamy surf photograph (my inspiration) and who, in addition to beautiful surfing photos, also takes incredible wedding, fine art, and portrait photographs.

My newest work that drew inspiration from all the factors listed above ~
and that is available in my shop:

Hoping you have someone who inspires you and your work!

Thank you Jeni for sparking my creativity and for sharing your talent!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plein Air Painting During Garden Week

The flowers have co-operated and are out in all their glorious color just in time for Historic Garden Week and for a Plein Air painting session.    It seems as though the wicked winter was just what the gardens needed ~ making springtime sun light and outdoor color just too pretty not to capture on canvas.  Fortunate for an art group who were itching to get outside and paint.   So, this week my art class met at the gorgeous home of one of my students for our first Plein Air painting class. 

 There were plenty of scenes from which to sketch and paint.

The ladies selected their view, set up their easels,

or their chairs and 

enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air

as they began to work 

on their Plein Air paintings

or to finish a painting already begun.

 Of course, when you have a gathering of women, the conversation, laughter 

and camaraderie are what we treasure most - and this group never disappoints.

Of course for some we might prove to be a little overwhelming - luckily a little nip always seems to help.  We certainly did benefit from the fresh air and send out a huge thanks to Mimi for graciously welcoming us into her home and garden.