Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Works in Process

In my studio

This past weekend I finally finished sanding, priming and painting the extra large craft table I made for my studio.  I absolutely love it - humongous work space, shelving units for storage underneath, and much better looking then the ratty old tables that used to occupy this space!  My inspiration came from the site everyone is talking about, Pinterest!  Find the plans for this fabulous table here

Roxy finds this new space very comfortable, especially when it's a little too cold on the porch.

Being up on my new craft table gives her an opportunity to watch me work, and seems to be a cozy spot on which to take her afternoon siesta.

On The Table
Works in Process

For the newlyweds, a first Christmas ornament, in the process of being sketched with a very sharp pencil.

For the OSU sports fan - a super cute image takes shape with a few strokes of the pencil.

For the animal lovers Christmas tree - three very special keepsake ornaments sketched and outlined.

And another order handmade in loving memory of a customers very special family pet, Reggie, who sadly passed away a few weeks ago.

A close up portrait of two newlyweds who were married on September 24th.  This keepsake will hopefully hold a place of honor on their Christmas tree for many, many years to come.

And finally, a few Christmas tiles I'm creating for MOCA's (Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art) Holiday Craft Sale on Sunday, December 4 from 9 - 5pm. 

Back to work...
Back to the table so I can finish painting these pieces and get them into my kiln.  If you would like more information on my work, please feel free to visit me in my online studio here


  1. Cathie, LOVE pinterest and LOVE your Blog! It looks so nice. It's great you made a big table to work on, bet you just love it, along with the cat! XOX Hope to see you soon ~ Beth

  2. I know, Pinterest is certainly an addiction, but also quite useful :) Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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