Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday's in my studio

A glimpse back at this past Monday's art class.

Our sweet cat Roxy likes to hang out on the art table in anticipation of the artists weekly arrival.  As soon as the ladies gather in my studio Roxy will begin looking for her favorite art bag in which she'll hide and take a little cat nap.

A few different views taken from around the room.

Roxy in her favorite spot - inside the art bag.  The best place to hide from a room full of painting, gabbing, laughing artists ~ yet close enough for a little loving if so needed.

It's been the consensus in our art class that a painting cannot be signed until it has received a final critique and been given the nod of approval by almost all members of the class.  Sometimes there is a great sigh of relief and cause for celebration when one can finally sign their name.  This past Monday we had reason to celebrate!

Karan Alan received a nod from all, including one from her best critic and the model for her portrait painting - her beautiful teenage daughter.  I wish I had a close up of the painting because Karan's composition and use of color is incredibly gorgeous!

And so this week comes to a close.
Thank you for your visit.  Please feel free to join us again next week, Roxy will be waiting!

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