Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In my studio

Thoughts of loved ones and Valentine's Day are keeping me busy and in the studio.  Just finished is a custom portrait painting from a sister to her sibling.

My customer, who lives in Canada, contacted me after seeing one of my surfer girl paintings.  The painting reminded her so much of her sister, who lives in Hawaii, it gave her thoughts of a custom painted piece of art.

She sent a beautiful picture of her sister surrounded by shades of blue, green and brown in the ocean, land and sky.  My customer decided she didn't want the island in the background, so that was removed in the painting.

 I love the warm shades of brown, yellow, orange and lime green set against a cool blue background,

Although distance separates these two women, I am sure that warm memories, laughter and shared secrets keep them close.  How lovely if my customer could deliver her finished painting in person.  Although....I wouldn't mind a little trip to Hawaii myself!  My husband and I have been discussing another vacation and I think I could write this one off as a business expense.......

If you are interested in a custom portrait painting, you can find more information here
It would be especially fabulous if you live on the beach, in a warm location, and wouldn't mind a little hand delivered shipment!

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