Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Art Camp

Week Four - Ages 6-8
Hawaiian Luau
A visit to the tropical Island of Hawaii gets us in the mood for a week of creative fun with a little learning thrown in for good measure.
Handmade Pottery Plates
Working with a slab of low fire clay, the artists task was to create a plate accented with tropical sea life.  Step One:  Roll out a slab of clay to a pretty even thickness.  Step 2:  Trace around a paper plate, cutting through the clay, to create a circular form. Step 3 and 4:  Cut out clay shapes with cookie cutters, score the back with a fork and add wet clay or slip over the scored sections.
Place all cookie cutter shapes onto the plate and, with wet fingers, gently smoosh the edges together to help adhere them to the plate.  Set the plates aside to dry then fire to a bisque consistency in the kiln.
Otherwise, after firing the pieces you will open the kiln to a very disappointing scene - which is exactly what happened with our fabulous plates!  Such a sad situation indeed!!
 Back up Plan:
Fortunately the artists were still able to create a tropical plate by using bisque pottery plates I had on hand.  The artists drew a scene onto their plates and painted them with non-toxic glazes.  A few of the artists attached their sea life shapes that had survived the kiln disaster.

Stuffed Fish
Our next project was to draw a fish onto a 14x17 inch sheet of multi-media paper - making sure to use the whole sheet of paper to create a large fish shape.  Since we were going to add dimension to the fish, we cut through an extra sheet of paper when cutting out the fish shape.
Finished Project
Stuffed fish on a fishing pole.
The artists outlined their fish and details with a black sharpie.
Painted the fish with water color paint.
Glued the two fish shapes together, leaving an opening at the head.
Stuffed the fish with newspaper, glued the end shut and attached a piece of twine to the fish and a wooden dowel.
I love the vibrant colors and patterns of Romero Britto's Pop Art Paintings.  His work is a perfect example of how the elements and principles of art all work together to create a wonderful composition.
We looked at Britto's art work and discussed his use of shape, line, color, and texture within each piece of art.
Using what they learned about the elements of art, the artists drew a tropical scene onto a 16x20 inch canvas.
They outlined their drawings with thick black sharpie and painted in their tropical scene with acrylic paint.
When painting their work the artists had to think about pattern and color balance throughout their composition.
 A lovely example the use of shape, line, pattern, movement, and proportion in a work of art.

 A group of hard working artists are rewarded with cupcakes - handmade by them!  Congratulations on your fabulous week of art!  ALOHA

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