Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Art Camp

Surfer Girls
A  group of beach girls gather together for a week of surf related art.
Handmade pottery surfboards and surfboard wall hooks are first on the agenda.
The girls create surfboards and wall hooks from a slab of clay.
The clay boards and hooks are kiln fired and painted.
Fired hooks and surfboards ready to hang.
For our second project the girls designed a papier mache beach house.
Custom built colorful beach homes and cabana's ready to display.  

Impressionist Beach Bucket Paintings
To create an impressionist style painting the girls add color to their canvas with dabs of paint from a warm or cool color palette.
In order to make the hand drawn sand pails stand out from the background, the girls paint them in colors from the opposite color palette.
Impressionist beach pail paintings ready for the art show.

Into the kitchen

Surfer girls enjoying their cupcakes moments before the art show.

Thanks girls for another fun and inspirational week!

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