Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Art Camp

Tea Party Art 

Another week of creative girl time ~ 


making art, baking cupcakes and forsaking the boys.





This is the first summer I've moved my art class out onto the front porch and I don't know why it took me so long ~ especially when clay is involved.  We create, make a mess, enjoy the fresh air, then the porch is hosed off with a little water.   Simple, yet effective.  Hello brain, where have you been?!


Hand drawn shape patterns applied over a slab of rolled out clay and cut out with pencils formed the foundation of the artists cake design.  Left over clay was cut, rolled, scored, slipped and squished on top much like fondant icing. 

Cake shapes were set aside to dry and fired in my kiln to a bisque ware state.  Afterwards the girls used a pencil and pottery glaze colors to create shapes, lines and patterns.  The cakes were "cooked" once again in my kiln.  With a saw tooth hanger attached to the back the cakes are ready to add a splash of color to a kitchen, bedroom or playroom wall.




The artists next pottery project was to produce a teacup design on bisque ware, once again thinking about the elements and principles of art ~ line, shape, color, pattern and harmony.

Glazed and fired teacups ready for our end of the week tea party.


Teacup on 16x20 inch Canvas

As in shown on the chalkboard and on the artists canvas, three consecutive circles, drawn in pencil, formed the basic shape of a teacup.   To create color, value and soft texture the girls layered multiple coats of paint to the background - then applied the same process to their teacups and saucers.

The compositions were finished with complimentary colored shadows and a one stemmed rose curving around the teacup.



Our final art project was to develop a whimsical design on a pre-cut wooden teapot which were painted with acrylics and set aside to decorate our tea party table.


Always the weekly highlight and a much deserved treat for hardworking artists!!


Thumbs up and cherrio girls until next time.













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