Monday, June 29, 2009

Illustration Friday - Worn

Three Old Row Boats
Acrylic 26" x 33"

Worn out or Worn In ~
Depending on your personal point of view ~
I look at these boats and envision
many stories ~ told, or untold ~
of summer days past.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A simply glorious summertime tea party

After weeks of patiently waiting ~
time spent staring at Mr. Fish ~
waiting to see if there was
~ perhaps ~
an invitation to a summertime tea.

It finally arrived ~
in all its glorious, sugary
My cupcake ~ My delight ~
My passport to adventure.

The invitation is extended
to all who want to attend ~
so grab your favorite ~
most comfortable, made for escapade ~

And beg, borrow, or buy
a tiara, a headdress, or crown.
For this is to be
a party fit for a queen ~ and
you cannot be underdressed.

Oh my
~ LOOK ~
~ Through the key hole ~
It's the Mad Hatter
and he has prepared some tea.

Quick, take a sip of
your magical drink

Follow me
Down the garden path.
We'll "begin at the beginning and
go on till we come
to the end:
then stop"


and curiouser...

and curiouser still.

Oh my shoes and crown,
I do have to say ~
If I am not dreaming ~
This looks absolutely tempting.

Why, of all the silly meandering ~
this is the most peculiar
tea party I've ever been to
in all of my life.

But heavens ~
it has been a nice diversion
from my cleaning,
and cooking,
and laundry.

I do hope you enjoyed yourself as well.
And there is SO much more to see ~
Please don't stop here ~
but visit Vanessa Valencia
A Fanciful Twist
for more mad
gloriously enchanted
tea parties.

Before you go ~
leave a comment here ~
and I will enter you in the drawing for
the Mad Hatter Tea Pot.
I'll announce the winner here
on Monday evening ~ June 29.
The Mad Hatter will be shipped off
to you in a lovely
little package ~ because
I did so enjoy your neighborly

Visit my shop
to see the new listings
for my cake, tea cups
and magical drinking cup.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Patiently Waiting For My Invitation....

To The Mad Tea Party....

I know the invitation is coming ~
for the party date
is marked on my
Saturday June 27th, 2009.

And, I know it's going to be
glorious fun ~
because everyone has been getting ready
for weeks.

Rest assured.....
You are also invited....
So ~ Please ~
Stop back by on
the given date,
and ~ oh ~
don't forget your looking glass!
See you on the 27th!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Commissioned Portrait Painting of Two Beach Babes

Original Photo

Beach Babes Painting
Acrylic on Canvas
30" x 40"

Yesterday Jenna came by to pick up her finished portrait painting, which she and her brother gave to their mom last night. I haven't heard yet from Jenna as to their mother's reaction from this incredibly thoughtful gift, but I can imagine it was emotional. ~ And I just want to say - from the bottom of my heart - Thank you for giving me the opportunity to paint this piece. You both are a treasure!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Congratulations Graduate

Congratulations Chris!

An encouraging quote from Virginia Coach Brian O'Connor:
"It's exciting to think that about 95% of our club will be back next year. We have one heck of a recruiting class that I think will add to what we have right now. I think the competition in our program will be the best its ever been. There will be expectations on this team next year that this program has never had."

What else can be said - Besides we are all so proud of you ~
your dedication ~ hard work ~ accomplishments ~
and all around great kid!

Mary and Chris ~ Congratulations to you too! A parenting job very well done!
And, of course, Noel...Way to root on your big brother :)

We all look forward to watching you - and your team - play for the University of Virginia!

Enjoy your day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Art Camp - Books and Illustrations

From Pictures To Words

To kick off this weeks Summer Art Camp ~ Books and Illustrations ~
we read and discussed Janet Stevens book ~
"From Pictures to Words -
A Book about Making a Book"
In the book Janet shares her book making process ~
the steps ~ which the girls listed ~
will help in the development of their own story.

The girls brainstorming session begins with the creation of their characters and setting.

The plot, which will involve action - drama - or a problem, comes to life as the girls think about what their characters will do ~ and develop their story board.

The artists draw their characters. Detail and color are added with colored pencils and black sharpies.

The illustrators work on the background scenes.
They develop a setting for each page listed on the story board.
Then outline, color and number the pages.
Once finished:
The characters are cut out and pasted onto the pictures.

A title page and cover are added.
The "dummies" ~ book speak for copies ~ are sent off to the publisher
~ Magic Markings Art Studio Publishing ~
Here they are edited, bound together and sent back to the authors.
The final step ~
Authors are given collage materials, which can be added to their art
for an extra burst of fun.

Pottery Plates

The story book theme was carried out in pottery plates the girls designed. Each girl chose a character from one of their favorite stories ~ drew and cut the character out of clay - then added the clay figure to their pottery plate.

The plates were fired, glazed and re-fired.

And ~ of course ~
Play time!

For more pictures or for camp information: click Magic Markings Art Studio

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Art Camp - Week Two - Animal Instincts


Pottery Puppy Face Plates

Having taught my first preschool art camp last week ~ I am now ready to take on the world ~ or at least week #2 of preschool art. The week began bright and sunny. We spent the first morning outside ~ playing with clay and constructing pottery puppy face plates. The children had fun creating "worm families" ~ then used their knowledge of circle and triangle shapes to make the features for their puppies faces. And, of course, more wormies for the puppies whiskers.

The drying process ~ outside in the sun. Once dry they will be placed in the kiln, fired, then ready for glazing.

Glazed Pottery Puppy Plates ~
Painted with non-toxic, food-safe glazes ~ Re-fired and ready for the art show.

Play time and Snack
After a little break for play and snack, the artists got back to business.

Animal Collage Pictures
Two colors were chosen for the under-painting~ pink being the main color choice ~ go figure! The artists covered their canvas with color. To add texture, the girls used real leaves and flowers as stamps. One of the girls even found a mushroom ~ which made for a most exciting stamp!!! Even better than that were those groovy sunglasses which I am totally digging ~ they were not used for stamps ~ but added to the overall cool artists factor.

The artists created "Eric Carle: animals out of painted papers

The little artists and what they see looking at them.

Hand Painted T-Shirts

The Artist created hand painted t-shirts using simple shapes, and acrylic paint.

Making cupcakes
First you crack the whole egg by smooshing it in your hands ~

To make healthy cupcakes ~ we add applesauce in place of oil ~

Carefully mix all the ingredients ~


If you would like to see more photos, or to learn about my summer art camps ~ click on the following picture.