Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cool Stuff for Saturday

Since August 1 is "Friendship Day"  I thought it appropriate to focus on projects that can be created with, or to give to, your best buddy forever.

A colorful friendship necklace that would add a splash of drama to any outfit - make one for you and one for your best friends!
Find the directions here

A fun water-filled bracelet to make and share.
Find the splashy instructions here

Cozy Fluffy Flip Flops you won't want to take off your feet.
Slip into theses here

Let your best friend know you are hung up on them with these fabulous "recycled" hangers.  Find the material list here

A delightful no-sew pillow that is cuddly, quick and easy to make.
Tie one together here

 Beach Girls - Fine Art Print
Available here

And I leave you with this quote:
that I found here

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Special Request

For continued awareness and assistance with the Oil Spill Issues in the Gulf.

 Oil Spill Fund Raiser Fine Art Print by Gretchenmist's

There is only one day left to shop for and make a donation, through your purchase, to Oxfram America
Oxfam has been working hand-in-hand with low-income communities along the coast since Hurricane Katrina – and with another hurricane season looming, it is vital that vulnerable populations receive support immediately.  The following PoppyTalk vendors are donating an item from their virtual shops to help support this worthwhile cause.  Please take a moment to look, shop and assist this much-needed fundraising effort by clicking here.

Thank you to all of those helping to make a difference!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beach Babes for Sale

Shaking up my Shop with a Humongous Summer Art Sale

In getting ready to Introduce a New Line of Work on August 20
I need to make a little space in my shop ~ therefore many pieces of original beach themed paintings and natural wood block prints are on sale and ready to fill your home with tropical color.
Sun-kissed Beach Babe  and   Beach Babe in Pink

Waiting for my Lovers Return and Summer Breeze

Poolside Bathing Beauty  and  Summertime Beach Play

Hop on over to my shop - Magic Markings Art - And Take a look around -
Don't forget to shake off the sand!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summertime Gift Ideas

Thanks to the wonderful collection of handmade items put together into "treasuries", I never have a difficult time looking for gift ideas for friends and family members of all ages.  Since I love sharing these discoveries, and the shops of those who put the collections together, here is my list for this week ~ Click on the image to view the compilation and the name listed under the image to view each curators shop.
Thimblewinder                        Soul Energy Jewelry
ChyMieRa                                    Expressions 123
Spilling Out                                             GaBeadz


A humongous thank you to LindaGJ for her wonderful summertime slide show over at Indiesmiles.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cool Stuff for Saturday

Doesn't the site of a cupcake bring back wonderful memories of childhood ~ and make you giggle with over-all happiness?!  In my household we love cupcakes ~ (especially the sweet red-headed variety ~ cupcake being my daughter's nickname)   In reference to this pleasurable treat, this weeks "Cool Stuff for Saturday" post is all about these delightful, miniature delicacies.

Charming Cupcakes
Polymer Clay Cupcake Charm
Find the directions here

Floral Cupcakes
Cupcake Flower Centerpiece
Find the directions here

 Fizzie Cupcakes
Cupcake Bath Bombs ~ A fun way to make cleaning up fun.
Find the directions here

Luscious, Decorative Cupcakes
Make your own pretty paper cupcake liners
find the instructions and cupcake paper template here

Gorgeous Hydrangea Cupcakes
Find the recipe and directions here 

"Toasty" Cupcakes
Find a delectable cupcake martini recipe here
Wishing you a sweet and wonderful weekend.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Cool Image for a Hot Day...

My husband, daughter and I were suppose to head a few hours south for a college tour today but decided to reschedule due to the high, and probably very uncomfortable heat index.  So, instead of hitting the road early, I hit the paints and finally finished a commissioned portrait painting.  Which is, ironically, the perfect painting for a hot day like today.

The original photograph
the painting in process:
The beginning ~

The middle ~ 

The end.

The original photo and the finished piece side x side.
I am used to painting water in its liquid form ~ this was my first attempt at painting a snow-filled  winter scene.  I hope the recipient loves it!

In case these images have you craving something cool and refreshing:

 Here's a Fountain-Style Vanilla Malt Shake recipe that you might want to try.
Find the recipe here

The vanilla shake reminded me of the snow covered hills :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Women Who Art - Student Spotlight

With this weeks spotlight I welcome one of the newest ladies to join our Monday morning painting group ~ Mary Pat Harris.  Mary Pat broke her hand the week before her class began, but refused to let this handicap get in the way of completing her very first painting.  All the while saying "Well, if the painting looks horrible, I can blame it on my hand." 

Even though she had never painted anything on canvas before, Mary Pat decided to challenge herself with a pretty complex floral image.  After painting the background with a combination of yellow, pink and white; Mary Pat pondered the composition, graphed the image and sketched the design onto her canvas.

Never letting her broken hand stop her,  she quickly added color, shape and texture to the canvas.

As the painting developed, we all were amazed at how quickly Mary Pat developed a "Van Gogh-like" technique ~

through her short painting strokes,

expressionistic use of color,

layers of texture,

and movement shown in the form and lines.

Mary Pat took a floral still-life and reinterpreted it into a fusion of lyrical rhythm,

and emotional color.

After seeing her finished art work, which is astonishing,  I know you'll agree that there is no need to blame that hand on anything.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Handmade Finds in Summertime Treasuries

Do you ever wish someone would put together a catalog of handmade items that would make the perfect gift for summertime celebrations?  Click on the following images to be transported to wonderful treasuries of colorful creations handmade by artists all over the world.  Each gallery contains a wonderful selection of hand crafted items sure to please everyone on your gift list.   To view the work of those who put these artistically curated selections together, click on the shop name under each image. 

Expressions 123                                  Annuk Creations

Red Bracelet Fashion                                 Studio Zen

Dislemon                                         Laguna Lane 

WindySpringsIslandArt                       DualChocolate

And there you are ~ eight beautiful "catalogs" full of handmade items, put together with thoughts of pleasing everyone from the newborn to your grandparents.

A very special thank you to all those who curated these wonderful collections.