Sunday, August 30, 2009

Handmade Back to School Supplies

In this past weeks art camp we created works of art based on the "Going back to School" theme.
Below are photo's so you can follow us through our creative week of art.
If you would like detailed directions for any project shown, just let me know.

Handmade Pottery Pencil Holders

Working with clay.
Materials: rolling pins, clay, cookie cutters and plastic cups.

The girls rolled out the clay, formed the clay around a plastic cup, and attached decorative pottery pieces. The girls also cut out shapes that will be used in another project. The clay was set aside to dry, then fired in my kiln.

The "bisque" ware was painted with glaze colors, re-fired, and
wala ~ lovely, colorful pencil holders

White board/Cork board with Decorative Pottery Pieces

Second Project
Materials: clay, rolling pins, cookie cutters, wooden board, cork board roll, sheet of white board, screw eyes, and wire.
The girls thought of a theme for their white/cork board ~
used cookie cutters to cut out their names and shapes ~
composed the decorative outline for their board ~
the clay was set aside to dry ~ then fired along with their pencil holders.

The "bisque" shapes were glazed and re-fired.
A rectangle of cork and white board were cut and attached to the piece of wood.
The girls attached their pottery shapes around the edges of their board.

The finished boards ~ ready to receive notes and messages.

Painted Composition Books

Third Project
Materials: Composition Book, paint, camera, printer, decorative papers, scissors, Modge Podge.
The girls coated the front and back cover of a composition book with white paint.
A "sporty" portrait was shot, printed, cut, and decorated with paper.

A background scene was painted, more decorative pieces were added, the portrait was attached with Modge Podge ~
And the girls each have a personalized composition book to use
for school notes, or as a journal.

Decorative Tin Boxes and Handmade Note Cards

Fourth Project ~
Materials: Empty Altoid Tin, decorative papers, scissors, tin box pattern pieces, ribbon, Modge Podge, pottery piece.
The girls traced, cut, and Modge Podged decorative papers to the outside and inside top and bottom of their Altoid Tins. Added ribbon and a pottery piece to the top.

Little Note Pads were made using the matching paper. A hole was punched into the top of the papers, a ribbon was attached, and the note cards placed into their decorative tin boxes.

The girls are all set for a new school year with their handmade school supplies ~ which are beautiful and useful at the same time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A peak into Autumn

A little frost on the pumpkins,
football in the air,
and artful entertaining outdoors.

Pumpkin Martini's

Served beside an outdoor fire pit ~
along with a few of your favorite friends ~
a truly delightful way
to welcome in the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd.

Wine and Cheese

A great glass of red wine~
delicious slices of handmade cheese ~
and grapes fresh from the harvest.

Pumpkin Martini and
Wine and Cheese are my two newest ACEO's
Painted with acrylic on linen canvas.
Created with thoughts of celebrating the fall season with friends.
Available in my shop ~

Monday, August 24, 2009

Say Good-bye to Summer -

to the boardwalk, and the Isle of Capri Restaurant ~

to Rory waiting for you to throw her the ball ~

And - Hello to U. Va.

To your apartment - and cooking your own meals ~

to the company of good friends ~

to Bodo's Bagels

But - never forget-

to keep the feeling of summer deep in your soul.
Cheers to successful a year.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Family Bike Trip

Before our son leaves this Sunday - for his second year of college - we had to squeeze in a quick family trip. A day to be together and enjoy one another's company. So, we loaded up the bikes and headed north.

First a quick stop for lunch on the campus of William and Mary. Students haven't arrived yet, so the campus was relatively quiet without the hustle and bustle of student activity. But this weekend will be a different story!

My husband and daughter on Crim Dell Bridge ~ where many William and Mary Students - including my sister-in-law, get engaged.

Algae encrusted turtles ~ swimming under the bridge ~ and enjoying the quiet and sunshine.

Next stop - The University of Richmond:

For a quick bike tour of the campus. Students were busy moving in ~ saying tearful goodbyes ~ and getting to know one another. A beautiful campus - and on move-in day ~ very busy.

Then onto Monument Avenue for a bike tour past lovely historic homes and gardens ~

past the very busy - first day of school ~ V.C.U. campus

across the Bells Island Bridge

and down to the rocks on the James River

to enjoy the view ~

watch the kayakers paddling down the river ~

climb down the rocky hill to ~

dip our toes in the warm river water.

Then ~ after a quick superman change into nice clothes -
dinner at the Mezzanie 3433 Restaurant in Carytown. (Style Weekly's Restaurant of the Year - 2009) For an unbelievable dinner of organic, locally grown, free-range, and silver tip deliciousness. Seriously, if you live or are ever in the Richmond area - this chalkboard menu restaurant is a true find!

Packing up the bikes at the end of a lovely day
spent with my husband and children ~
as we each mentally prepare ourselves for the beginning of another school year.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Surfer On Yellow Board

This is the original photograph for a commissioned 16" x 24"
Acrylic Painting of a Son Surfing

Step One
Laying down the colors for the underpainting

Step Two
Adding more color value and detail

Step Three
Painting in detail, highlights, shadows and finishing touches.

Finished and ready to ship.
Thank you Paula for trusting me with another treasured photo and painting!

If you are interested in information on a commissioned painting,
click on this link: Magic Markings Art

Bella Sinclair Award

The Blair Sinclair Award
Art Inspiration
To Honor:

Friendship, Sisterhood, Sharing and Caring

I was honored and touched to receive this award today from
Teri at the Pear Tree Gallery

I happily pass it along to those who have inspired me with their art and writing.

For as Thomas Jefferson once wrote:

"The happiest moments my heart knows
are those in which it is pouring forth its affections to
a few esteemed characters."

Here, in no special order, are a few ~
who, probably unbeknown to them, have inspired me with their words and creativity.

Tam Church and Charlotte Hamilton from We Blog Artists
Maya at A Beach Lovers Place
Livy at A Field Journal
Crystal at Olive Rue
Leah from Creative Every Day


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Illustration Friday - Wrapped

The Girls
Acrylic on Canvas

Like a soft blanket wrapped around my shoulders on a cold winters night,
my sisters tender embrace brings me warmth and comfort.

What can be more uplifting than memories, laughter and tears shared amongst real sisters or friends who are close enough to be considered sisters.

This image is from a painting I made for one of my sisters on her 40th birthday ~
Prints from this painting are available in my shop

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Illustration Friday - Impatience

A Great Red -
Where impatience cannot be tolerated.
Sip slowly
and let the elegance
and simple texture of the grapes
remind you of sunshine and cool breezes.

Simple Pleasure - A glass of Red
Acrylic on canvas
available here:

Cheers to the last few weeks of summer -
Where the days move slowly
and we savor each moment.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

ACEO's - Original Hand Painted Surfing Series

What is an ACEO?
Art Cards, Editions and Originals
Miniature pieces of art that have become very collectible due to the fact that they are whimsical and affordable. The cards can be any medium, but must measure 2.5" x 3.5" - the size of standard sports trading card. I discovered aceo's this past week and thought they were so cool that I had to create some myself. Here is my first attempt at an ACEO series of surfing art.

In Search Of....
The first in my series of ten surfing/beach aceo's
Acrylic on 246 lb. linen canvas

Number two in the series.
Acrylic on 246 lb. linen canvas

"In Search Of...."This series of surfing art will highlight a day in the life of a surfer. With his sights on the horizon, envisioning the limitless possibilities of the ocean. To be a surfer is to be free ~ a couple of boards, a pair of trunks or bathing suits, some wax, and a reliable car or bike ~ makes the "to do list" complete.
"In Search Of....a day in the life of a surfer" ~ check back throughout this week as the story line, and illustrations focus on this carefree lifestyle.

In searching for ACEO inspiration and information ~ Here are a few artists whose original ACEO's inspired me.

LeBerge on Etsy
Everyone is an artist on Etsy
Tapestry 316 on Etsy
These are many more wonderful pieces of little art on etsy ~ so if this has grabbed your attention ~ go to etsy and type in ACEO ~ you ~ seriously ~ won't be disappointed.
And ~ if you want to check in to see what happens to surfer dude ~ here is my link
Magic Markings Art on Etsy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rock 'N Surf 2009

Rock "N Surf 2009
For those of you who live in or near Virginia Beach, or who will be visiting this area during the month of August ~ make sure you stop by the Artists Gallery to view their "Rock "N Surf" exhibition. National Longboarders and artists will be joining forces in a benefit to support "Surfers Healing and Tidewater Autism Society of America".

Click on the post card for more details about this beneficial show.

And ~ new from my studio
Post Card Packets of some of my best selling pieces.

Beach Babes is the very first pack in this new line. If you're interested you can visit my shop: Magic Markings Art over on Etsy.