Friday, July 31, 2009

Fashion On The Beach - Tybee Island

Tybee Island Photo Shoot

While searching the web the other day,
I came across this fashion photograph on
Olive Rue's Blog.
The photo, taken by Crytsal of
Beadale Photography ~
was an image from one of her trash the dress sessions on Tybee Beach.
I fell in love with the photo and asked Crystal's permission to use it
as an inspirational starting point for one of my hand painted photo collages.
Permission was delightfully granted ~
~ So ~
~ here is my take on her beautiful photograph ~

Fashion on the Beach
8"x10" Hand Painted Collage on Canvas

Both pieces are available -
just click on the title under Crystal's photo
or my painting and it will link you to our respective shops.

I look forward to creating more hand painted collage pieces in
conjunction with Crystal and her beautiful photographs!

Have a wonderful, creative weekend.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Portrait - Custom Order for 30th Anniversary

Life has been pretty busy recently ~
trying to get custom orders painted and
out the door before this weekend.
So I'm not going to write much today ~
but leave you with a visual diary
of my some of my custom paintings
from this past week.

30th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Portrait and Hand Painted Photo Collage
8"x10" Canvas

Friends Celebrating their
50th Birthday's and
47 Years of Friendship!
Original photograph and Hand Painted Photo Collage
on 5"x7"canvas

Original photograph and Hand Painted Photo Collage
on 5"x7" canvas

Kathy - Thank you for your custom orders
and for letting me share them!
A big toast to
you and your husband
and your friendships
and life long relationships.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prints and Stuff - Featured Article

click on picture to enlarge it
Prints and Stuff Blog
An online blog featuring art prints, posters and decorating tips ~
a great place to go for college students shopping for dorm room or apartment decor ~
for anyone on a budget looking to add art work to their walls ~
or for art enthusiasts wanting to surround themselves with inspiration.

But why am I featuring this blog on my site ~
well....if you look closely at the picture -
and are familiar with my art -
you might recognize some pieces -
yup, those are my hand painted canvas'.

As art enthusiasts, Prints and Stuff blog site features "Up and coming" artists whose work they highlight in their "Must Know Artists" category. Those are their words - not mine, and I am overwhelmed to have been chosen as a feature artist.
So, please, go visit their site ~
Prints and Stuff Blog
Maybe - one day- they'll even be selling my prints there :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Illustration Friday - Idle

The Reader
8"x10" hand painted collage on canvas

What a perfect word for summertime....

~ Idle ~

A break from homework, or from
rushing the kids out the door to make the morning school bus,
or from the non-stop scheduling that surrounds afternoon sports practice.

What I wouldn't give for a luscious breather like this
in the middle of January!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Art Camp - Week Six - Totally Me

Isn't it grand being you?!
During art camp this past week, students thought about themselves and their interests.
They used clay, paint, collage and sculpture to produce works of art
based upon their perceptions about themselves. Enjoy your visual tour
into our wonderful, whimsical week.

~ Project 1 ~
Clay Face Plates and Clay figures

Rolling out clay - forming shape - adding facial details.

Painting detail onto bisque fired pottery.

~Project 2 ~
Name Silhouettes on Canvas

Sketching their names inside silhouette ~ painting letters black

Adding a vibrant color to the negative space.

~Project 3 ~
Papier Mache Sculptures

Creating the sculpture people out of a balloon head ~ box body ~ and newspaper

Adding collage materials and paint for detail and color.

And....last but not least....

Snack time and our art show.

Thank you for taking the time to view our productive week.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Great BIg Thank you

and hats off to the following sites...

who have recently featured my art work ~ I am so appreciative of your thoughtful words and awards! ~ for featuring and purchasing my "Family Surf Check" hand painted collage ~ for featuring my "Beach Ball", "Girls by the Shore", and "Shakin it up at the Beach" hand painted collage pieces. And for your purchase of my collage and painting. for featuring my hand painted pottery martini plate for featuring my "Summertime on the Boardwalk" hand painted collage.

And to these fellow friends and bloggers for their thoughtful awards:


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer - Beautiful Summer

Then followed that beautiful season....


Filled was the air with

a dreamy and magical light;

and the landscape lay as if new

created in all the freshness of childhood.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

New hand painted vintage collage pieces are available.
Take advantage of the Christmas in July Sale!!
Free shipping to US and Canada and 20% off of hand painted pottery pieces.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Custom Order: Hand Painted Photo Collage of Three Children on the Beach

Recently, after showing my hand painted collage art, I've been getting requests for customized hand painted photo collages on canvas. The Portrait of three children on the Beach is one of my first custom made collage pieces.

The photo was sent to me via e-mail.
For my process I take a copy of the original photograph ~ hand paint the figures ~
cut them out ~ collage them onto a hand painted canvas board ~ layer more paint
to give the collage an impressionistic feel ~ coat the entire surface with a gloss varnish
to seal and protect the art ~ sign the front ~ and the collage is ready to hang.

16" x 20" art collage
Three Children on the Beach
Finished and ready to be carefully packaged and shipped.
A big thank you to Paula for entrusting me with this beautiful photo of her children.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Art Camp - Week Five

The theme for week five of summer art camp was "All about me". During the week my six little artists creatively explored their interests, and talents ~ and polished their cutting, coloring, painting, pottery making and cooking skills.

The artists constructed and glazed:
Pottery Portrait Plates

They created an "All about me" book
from photo's and collage materials

They discussed their favorite colors
and painted a silhouette

And they made and ate camp cupcakes

All in all ~ a week that brought a smile to everyone's face!

If you are interested ~
I still have openings for ages 9 - 11 in the following weeks:
July 27 - 30 ~ Glass Class
August 10 - 13 ~ Glass Class
August 24 - 27 ~ School Supplies
Register by clicking here:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MacKenzie Child's Addict

I admit, I am addicted to MacKenzie Childs tableware, and decor. Their whimsical patterns and shapes appeal to the artist in me. If price were no problem, I would furnish my house with items from their store. Unfortunately, this is just a dream. But ~ with a little creativity, some paint, and a paint brush I have used their patterns to decorate various items in my home.

Our stove - which we need to replace~ but I'm not ready to part with just yet.

Our dishwasher ~ which runs just fine ~ knock on wood.

The window treatments in our front room ~ which I created to go along with our colorful Christmas theme ~ then decided to keep up year-round.

Recently I've been playing around with handmade pottery tea sets in the whimsical style of MacKenzie Childs. Here are a few of my finished pieces. I think they turned out quite cute.

Tea Pot
1.5 x 1"

Sugar bowl and Creamer Set
Sugar Bowl - 1x1"
Creamer - 2x1.5"

Pitcher and Tea Cups
Pitcher - 1.75"x1.5"
Tea cups - 1.5"x1"

Celebration Cake and Cake Stand
Cake - 1.5"x1"
Cake Stand - 1.5"x1.75"

If you love the whimsical look of MacKenzie Childs, stop back by - I'm sure I'll be painting more!