Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pizza and Pottery Night for the Little Ones

Valentine's Day Heart Platters

This past Friday I held the first Pottery and Pizza Art Night
for little ones ages 4 - 6 years.

The little artists sketched out their ideas onto a piece of paper.
This image was then drawn onto their heart shaped bisque plates.

They painted, washed their hands, and were ready to....

shape dough into circles, "paint" on tomato sauce, spread a little
bit of cheese, and create their own mini cheese pizza's.

Glazed Plates ready for the kiln.
There is something so refreshing about the simplicity of art
created by children.

The next Pizza and Pottery Night will be Friday, Feb. 26
and we'll be creating a St. Patrick's Day Platter.
If you are interested in more information on these classes -
visit my website - Magic Markings Art

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Illustration Friday - Focus

Fishing for Love
Acrylic Painting on 5" x 7" Canvas

Painting of a young woman fishing while her thoughts
are focused on the catch that really matters -
that of the dreamy young man she met last week
and whom she hopes will give her a call.

Women Who Art - Student Spotlight

A long overdue spotlight shines on one of our "resident artists" ~
Caroline Foresta. Caroline has been painting with us, minus a
few weeks for traveling, since the first class. Caroline's mother
was a water colorist who came to painting late in life. She passed
away this summer and, I think, through painting Caroline has been
able to honor and reflect on close held memories of her mother.
Since Caroline has finished two beverage themed paintings, I am
going to highlight them together.

Pink Martini
For her very first painting ever ~
Caroline chose to recreate one of my
martini paintings, in colors to match her
new kitchen.

She worked on the lines and colors of this painting
for a number of weeks.

Until it all came together and she finished by
signing her name.

For her second painting, Caroline cut and
pasted a Margarita glass, along with colorful
flowers, to a sheet of paper.

She used this image as the basis for her new piece of art.

To keep things cohesive, Caroline used a
black and white checked background on both paintings.

By the second painting she grew more confident,
and became more free with her color choices and
the application of her paint.

The two striking paintings - side by side on an easel.
Looking at these pieces, one can imagine themselves sipping
an ice cold beverage, sand between their toes listening to
somebody croon "It's five-o'clock somewhere" .

In fact, I think this piece looks quite lovely on my front
porch ~ anyone up for a frothy margarita?

Caroline - Your mother would be delighted and proud.
What a wonderful legacy she has left through her art,
and one which you are now passing on to your grand daughter.

For this, and for the joy you bring to our painting group,
I raise a drink in your honor. CHEERS!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ladies Night Out - Wine, Women, Art

Offer a group of lively women an evening
away from children, homework, and dishes ~

add a little wine, and a martini or two ~

include hot and cold appetizers, a wee bit of
chocolate, the opportunity to relax ~

then throw in some paints and pottery ~

and it all adds up to an uncorked night of

great conversation, laughter, and perhaps

a few finished pieces of pottery art.

There isn't anything better for recharging the ole
"mommy batteries" then a night out with the girls!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Very Funny Valentine Gift

I saw these funny little "Lovemongers"
on the
Scrumptiousdelight Flicker site,
fell in love with them, and had to share.

Are they not just the most adorable,
laugh your panties off,
stuffed goodness you've ever seen?

All 16 of them, created for the Schmancy Exclusive,
will be available beginning February 3. Check them out
and let me know which ones are your favorites.

Hold your loved one close, and your panties
even closer. Happy Almost Valentine's Day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Student Artist of the Week...

Mimi Boseman

Mimi came to us as a first time acrylic painter.
She had previously painted with water colors,
but acrylics opened up a whole new - and very
colorful - world to her. And through her canvas,
to us as well. It was delightful watching Mimi
develop her painting style. In the beginning she
painted square by square - following the graph
lines on her canvas...

We all watched with amazement as the garden came to life
little by little, square by square.

After a few classes painting in this fashion, Mimi changed
her style and started laying down values of color and
texture across the entire canvas.
As she viewed the composition
as a whole, the beauty of the landscape quickly developed in
its entirety.

Diligently working in order to finish this
gift to a friend.

Mimi's Impressionistic Garden Scene -
and her first painting using acrylics!!!

And the beautiful view of her neighbors garden.
Click on the painting to see all of her wonderful
use of color, brush strokes, and texture.

Mimi, you've added another colorful layer to our
wonderful group of painters. Thank you!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Handmade Olympics

Where the Handmade World comes together
to celebrate making things!

Now's your chance to show the world your own creative
creations, or send some handmaking love out to other
nicies who inspire you in the handmaking + handpicked world!

Head on over to The Rikrak Studio between now and Jan. 31
to nominate a fabulously creative item from your shop, blog,
site, etc plus one of your favorites from another shop or blog
or site or etc. It's a great way to introduce new artists and
the fabulous handmade items they create and sell.

Put on your fastest shoes and head on over there -
to inspire - and to be inspired.
Click here to be magically transported:
Rikrak Studio - 2010 Handmade Olympics

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Creativity + Production = An Artistic Mess

Table Top Work Space

My creative output has been on over-drive
recently as paper scraps, paint splatters, dried
up glue, and quickly jotted reminders fill up my
working spaces and the rest of our home.

One of my Painting Tables
with fresh art work waiting to be finished.

The button making area -
button magnets and mirrors ready to be packaged.

The Production Area for
glass tile magnet sets - also ready for packaging.

Glass Tile Pendants
awaiting bail backs, ribbon ties, labels and

and the Display Shelf
where items sit waiting to be purchased or

Bless my husband, children, and dog for lovingly
living with and carefully stepping around my
artistic messes.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Peak into a Traveling Pottery Party ~

Tropical Birthday Theme
for a cold winters day.
A little bit of sunshine radiates within
a special 10 year old birthday party.

All the girls are quiet as they concentrate
on painting their pottery fish plates.

The birthday girl contemplates what details
she would like to add to her fish.

Mom and Dad didn't want to miss out on a
chance to paint a plate ~ and had a little friendly
competition with one another.

The plates ~ glazed, fired ~

packaged ~ and ready to deliver back to the party
girl and her friends.

Enjoy your sushi ~ and thanks for giving me the opportunity
to share this special day of birthday wishes and creativity.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brand New Button Making Machine = Too much Fun..

I just received my new button maker on
Monday afternoon and have been having a
field day creating pinback buttons using
reproductions of my original art work. I designed
matching card backs to go along with them
so the pins can be given as artistic alternatives
to traditional cards. The images below are a few examples:

Personalized Pins
Made from reproductions of my
Hand Painted Portraits. A fun
addition to an original custom

Toast your gal pals with this whimsical
martini pinback button featuring a
reproduction of my original painting "Blue Martini"

This classic button features a print
of my original painting "Fishing for Love".

and this whimsical Valentine's Button is from
another one of my vintage beach paintings.

So now you can wear your heART
on your sleeve, jacket, hat, book-bag, t-shirt, notebook
or wherever you desire.

All of these are available in my shop -

Coming soon...Magnets and Little Pocket Mirrors
featuring more reproductions of my paintings! Yup - I
think I'm on a roll! Let me know if there's a special
image or picture that you would like custom made into
a button for your own little valentines cuz' you know I'd
be more than happy to create another pin :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

A cool find...for a beachy cottage

I came across this really fun find
today that I would love to share with
all you summer-lovin' beach gals.
The shop ~ Seashell Collections ~ is run by
Janet, an interior designer from Southern California,
who designs and produces home accessories using
shells, starfish and coral. If you love what you see,
click on the picture and you'll be transported
to her etsy shop.

Seashell Treasure Bottles-
what a delightful way to bring back that
summer feelin'
and - even better - they're on sale!

Seashell letters -
9" x 7.5" Ready to hang or lean against
a wall.

Be sure to drop by her shop to see some more
coastal inspired creations.
SeashellCollection's shop

Monday Morning Painting Group - Student Spotlight of the Week

This week we are graced with the lovely work
of artist ~ Sarah Jackson

For this session Sarah reproduced an image of a painting
that she had torn out of a magazine. Unfortunately,
we don't know the name of the artist, therefore cannot
give due credit - except for the beautiful way
in which it was replicated by our talented friend.

Sarah works very fast and was able to
lay down the undertones of the billowing
sails on the first day of this session.

The painting, at first glance, was deceivingly
simple - but upon closer inspection there
was a lot more depth to the piece due to
the original artists use of color, line and
brush strokes.

A serene palette of color was reflected in the sky,
the sails, and on the surface of the water. While,
the brush strokes help add a sense of movement to
the overall scene.

Sarah continues to build up color, line and
texture in the water,

in the sky and on the sails. Until at last

she signed her name and announced she
was finished - to an enthusiastic round of
applause from the rest of our art group!
And another piece of art is deemed ~
Wall Worthy!