Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best Friends

Girls Night Out
Is there anything better than a best friend? Someone whom you know you can count on, no matter what? I feel so fortunate! I have 2 best friends whom I’ve had since high school. (It’s been a long time, but we don’t need to discuss how long!) And 2 rather new best friends whose sons were my son’s best friends in high school and now in college. We call ourselves “The Moms” and get together once a week for breakfast. What started out as a casual friendship has turned into something truly meaningful. And I can’t discount the beautiful bonds of sisterhood, and sister-in-law hood. Just as I can’t imagine my life without my husband, children, and family; I can’t imagine life without my best friends.
Cheers to all those special people who share our laughter, stories, tears, and dreams.

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