Sunday, February 22, 2009


So many reasons to celebrate!
Reason One: Yesterday, my husband, daughter and I headed to UVa to watch our son compete in a college club swim team meet. It was great to see him back in the pool again. We’ve been going to swim meets with him since he was in the first grade. Now that he’s in college, we’ve been missing the camaraderie of the swim community, and the hard benches and humid air of the swimming pool. Never thought we’d miss the sore tush, permanent smell of chlorine, and never-ending pile of damp towels! How wonderful to be able to experience that again. Afterwards, at dinner, we were thoroughly entertained by him and his “belly-busting”roommate. What a great day!
Reason Two: Today, back at home, we got an afternoon snow shower with big, white, fluffy flakes! Totally unexpected! I enjoyed watching my daughter and dog running and playing together. Reason Three: Great art class today! And then a pizza and birthday cake celebration with my husband’s insanely large family. ;)
Celebration Plate:
In gratitude for the special people who have touched our lives, we celebrate their unique gifts, accomplishments, and support. We honor our mothers for their gentle gifts of love and devotion and our fathers for their knowledge and strong shoulders of support. We remember our best friends and the hours they spend listening to and laughing with us. We cheer on the success of our brothers and sisters. We express delight in the accomplishments of our sons and daughters. With each day we have an opportunity to express our gratitude for and celebrate the special moments and people in our lives.


  1. I am very glad you guys came up this weekend! It was a lot of fun, and dinner was "perfection." You guys got snow today?! Nice!

  2. very cool. What is your son's specialty?

  3. Aquarian - right now, international business ~ with a focus on Russia. He's a first year, so things can change.


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