Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween ACEO's - Art Cards Editions and Originals

Introducing My Newest
Series of Original ACEO's

In Celebration of the

Little Characters ~
All Dressed up in their Holiday Finest,
and ready to party ~

As the Full Moon rises,
the little blue field mouse grabs his invitation
and scurries across the pumpkin patch
to gather together with friends.

Hearing the call of his buddies,
the little Ghost arises,
puts on his finest bow tie and party hat,
and prepares for the evening festivities.

Not wanting to miss the fun,
the little black bat wipes the sleep from his eyes,
adjusts his hat, and flies over
to join in the twilight celebration.

From her perch on the fence,
Miss Kitty, the official Holiday Princess,
welcomes her guests to the Halloween Party.

While Mama Ghoul, fresh from the
hair dresser, puts on her favorite
cape and party dress.

Never one to miss a party,
mummy boy hides behind his blue mask
and practices his latest dance moves.

and last, but not least,
the little blue spider,
spins out a special Halloween message,
"Don't forget to brush your teeth!"

Hand Painted with Acrylic Paint
on 2.5" x 3.5" 246 lb. Linen Canvas

available in my etsy shop:


  1. Very cool work! I love your style, how fun and whimsical it is.

  2. beautiful! love the mouse on the pumpkin!


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