Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Family Portrait Painting Class

A good friend of mine asked if I could help her come up with creative way to celebrate her husbands 50th Birthday. She wanted a private art class during which she and her children could design a special gift to give to their father. After some discussion, it was settled. A hand painted family photo collage painted by my friend and her children ~ with a little of my help and guidance .

The original family portrait - taken in Costa Rica by
Surfing Nosara

The family of artists ~ ready to paint.

Busy at work ~ painting their portraits ~

and ~ the canvas board background ~

alittle bit of help from big brother ~

Mother and daughter trading painting tips ~

And the finished piece of work.
A true keepsake given with love and creativity.

For those of you who visit or know about Wareings Gym In Virginia Beach ~
you might recognize the family. If so....shhhh....this is a surprise gift!!!

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