Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Artist Spotlight - Women who Art

It's been a while since I've shone the spotlight on one of the incredible artists from my Ladies Art Class.  So, to get myself back into gear for the New Year, this week I am featuring two artists.  The first of whom has been with me since the very beginning of my Ladies Morning Out art classes and who I look forward to seeing every week ~ Carolyn Foresta.  The second, an artist who just recently started taking classes and who has already blown us away with her unique style and talent, Gina Foresta ~ yes, they're related ~ Gina is Carolyn's daughter-in-law.


Working with a limited color palette and simple shapes, Carolyn begins painting a Monarch butterfly.
Sometimes, for painting in detail, a lap works better than an easel.
Carolyn adds highlights to the Monarch's wings with various shades of red, yellow, and white

More detail is added to the Monarchs wings , body and to the flower on which it landed.
Carolyn and her finished Monarch masterpiece.  Another stunning painting to add to her walls and portfolio - if her granddaughter doesn't claim it first!!


For her first painting with us, Gina chose to recreate an adorable photo of her husband and daughter.  In her pre-mommy life, Gina was a graphic designer. Her design sensibilities and skills shine through in her drawing and painting techniques - which were apparent from the very beginning.
The painting at the end of Gina's first class.

During the next session, Gina added detail to the features and background.
Using the original photograph for guidance, Gina put her own unique spin on the colors and detail.
She played with colors and brush strokes to create a blurry background scene.

Gina contemplates detail in the features of her daughter,
then adds more shading and highlights to the body and background.
Gina and her finished family portrait.  An amazing work of art and a wonderful heirloom painting for her husband and daughter.

Welcome to the New Year.  I look forward to another creative year with my art ladies and to the spotlights which showcase their astonishing talent and art work

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