Friday, January 28, 2011

Women who Art - Student Spotlight

This weeks artist highlight is on Sara Jackson, another woman who has been painting with our Ladies Monday morning art class since the first class.   Sara is a prolific painter and storyteller, bringing into each class a  freshly painted canvas and another funny story yet to be told.  She continues to inspire and humor us with her latest body of work and vast knowledge of "Bob Ross" painting techniques. 
City Scene
Recently, inspired by the work of another artist,  Sara has taken up the technique of painting with a palette knife.  This style of painting is excellent for producing textured, impasto work and sweeping areas of flat color as well as adding tiny shapes of color.
Painting with a palette knife and complimentary color scheme  helps her showcase the energy and emotional vitality of the urban city scene.
Using a small brush, Sara added smooth, reflective qualities to the windows and buildings.
Through these painting techniques and knowledge of color,  Sara aptly represented the people, energy, light, and atmosphere apparent in a night time city scene. 

Sara's impressive representation of the copied work.  I can say nothing more than Simply amazing!

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