Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Art Camp

The Theme for this weeks art camp ~
Life is Sweet!

Life is Like a Piece of Cake

For the "Life is Sweet" art camp the artists designed their own unique "cookbook" full of delightful recipes for art projects that are almost good enough to eat!  Follow along as the artists discover their tastes for all things sweet in life and have fun with the creative process. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Cake Painting Recipe
Ingredients:  16 x 20 inch canvas, pencils, erasers, paint brushes, paint palettes, acrylic paint, cake shape templates, imagination and a sweet dispensation.

Step One:  To create a background for your cake, cover the entire canvas with acrylic paint in your favorite color.  This can be done with one color or a combination of colors.  For this project, we just used one.  If you don't want to frame the painting make sure you also paint the sides of your canvas.  Set canvas aside to dry.

 Step Two:  Using your pre-cut cake template, place the largest shape at the bottom of your canvas and trace around it with your pencil.  Follow this by placing the middle and top cake template shapes on the canvas, in consecutive order, and trace around them.

Step Three:  Decorating your cake.  Add design elements by drawing patterns of shape, line and texture.  For a festive touch, add a whimsical cake topper.  Then, go over all pencil lines with a thick black sharpie or marker.
Step Four:  Choose your favorite acrylic "Icing" colors and carefully apply them to your canvas. Once your cake painting is finished, set it aside to dry, then go back over all lines with a thick black sharpie or marker.  This last step makes all the design elements "pop" and creates a beautiful piece of art that any cake boss would be happy to display!
Cupcake Stand Recipe
Ingredients:  Terra cotta pot ~ bottom and saucer, pottery glaze paints, brushes, paint palette, kiln and most import - CUPCAKES!!

 Step One:  Wash off terra cotta pots.  Draw your cupcake stand design on the pot and saucer - remember, your pot will be turned bottom up so draw design accordingly.  Carefully apply the glaze colors to your hand drawn designs.  Cover the pot and saucer with a coating of clear glaze and fire in the kiln.

Make Cupcakes!!!

Everyone gets to help in the kitchen!  From pouring in the cake mix, cracking three eggs, adding 1/2 cup sour cream, and 1 1/3 cups water to mixing the batter. 

The handmade cupcakes look delicious once perched on top of our kiln fired cupcake stands!!

Apron Recipe
Ingredients:  Pre-washed blank white aprons, black sharpie, acrylic paint, paint palette, paint brushes

Since both artists and cooks can always use a really cute and unique apron, we made our own!  A hand drawn rectangle forms a nice clean area in which to create your design - but this is just a preference and one of those "ingredients" that can be tweaked to meet your individual tastes.   We found pencil lines hard to see, so the artists drew their designs with a sharpie, then added color with acrylic paint.  To set the hand painted design, you can either dry the apron in a dryer, or run a hot iron over the back side of the design.

Pottery Ice Cream Cup Recipe
Ingredients:  bisque ice-cream cup and spoon, pottery glaze, paint palettes, paint brushes, kiln

This is a pretty easy project that produces wonderful results.  Paint the bisque shapes with various colors of lead-free, non-toxic pottery glaze, then fire in a kiln.  Once finished, fill with ice cream and enjoy!

Recipe for an Art Show
Ingredients:  Art work, artists, proud parents, proud aunts and siblings

 Recipe for a wonderful, creative week:  A group of fun, talented artists mixed together with a supply of awesome art projects and topped off with proud art patrons.  Simply divine!

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  1. What wonderful ideas you have! I am so inspired by your site! I run a little place for kids art classes called The Big Red Barn in Ponchatoula, LA and am always looking for fun new ideas. Our summer art camps start in a couple of weeks and I'm working on lesson plans. Thanks for posting so many wonderful ideas and projects!


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