Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Art Camp

We invite you to join us for this weeks art camp as we take a little journey back to the late 1950's and early 1960's when the movement of  Pop Art was first introduced in Britain and the United States.  Pop Art, with its designs based on themes drawn from popular mass culture, is often distinguished by clear lines and bright, bold color ~ like that of our first artist, Romero Britto

Romero Britto - Love
The beginning stages of the girls Romero Britto inspired Portrait Paintings.
To which they added color and pattern with acrylic paint.
The finished Master Pieces - both based on popular activities - ready to be framed and cherished.
Roy Lichtenstein - 1962

For our next project the girls created portrait plates based on Roy Lichtenstein's newspaper comic strip paintings .
The very hungry artist portraits ~ painted, fired in my kiln and ready for a piece of cardboard pizza (see recipe below) ~ Yummy!!
Pop Art Sculpture
Claus Oldenburg - Floor Cake - 1962
For our Pop Art Sculpture project, we constructed a Papier Mache pizza.  The crust was produced with foam core board, cut into a circle with rolled up paper taped around the edges.
Newspaper was torn into strips and glued to the pizza crust with laundry Starch.
The crust was given a nice golden brown glow with a little help from our friend the paint brush.  Hand painted papers were put through the shredder to create a smorgasbord of cheese, which was then glued to the nicely toasted crust.
A pizza box, from one of our local pizza joints, was coated with white water-based primer and set aside to dry.  Later, the girls designed their own box top and added color  with a bit of acrylic paint.

Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza's in their own little carry out boxes.  Dinner anyone??

I hope you enjoyed this bit of Pop Art time travel and the art that was inspired by our trip. Join us again in two weeks as we take a trip to sunny beaches, with waist to chest high waves, for our surf art camp.


  1. HI! LOVE your art, your blog, and your pint-sized artists and their work, too!

    Am your Newest Follower - nice to meet you!

    Will try to add you to my beachy keen shops (you have an etsy one, yes?) on my sectionon my blog..

    Love the art! Have a great night and Monday!


  2. Linda,

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog and on the wonderful artists featured here. It is a pleasure to meet you and to have you following along with us on our artistic journeys.
    Thank you as well for you offer to add my site to your beachy keen shops - you can find my work here:

    Thank you! - Cathie

  3. Pop Art is so fun and colorful! It is a perfect style to inspire children! The Britto piece is so sweet and full of life. ~Val


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