Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Surf Session

Time to wax up the boards and hit the surf...
But, before heading down to the beach we have to design our own surfboards, after all this is art camp and any old board just won't make the wave cut.  And since artists like to work with different mediums our boards will be made from materials not normally used for creating wave riding vehicles.
 Foam core surfboards
Surfboards can be shaped with foam core board and painted with acrylic paints. Although not waterproof,  this type of board is perfect for the wall of a room.  In fact, with these light-weight and colorful boards, I foresee a new trend in surf and beach decor.
 Pottery Surf Boards - Glazed and Fired

 Surfboards can also be hand cut from slabs of pottery clay then, after air drying for a few days, kiln fired to a bisque consistency.

These pottery surfboards, although ~ once again ~ not water worthy, are very versatile within a home environment.
Painted with lead-free pottery glazes and fired in my kiln, these delightful surfboards can be hung on a wall, used in the kitchen, placed on a desk, or in a bathroom as a soap or toothbrush/toothpaste holder.  I'm sure I've only dipped my toe in the water with practical ideas - the artists will surely think of other ways to showcase their awesome surfboard designs!

   Surfer Boy and Girl Portraits on Canvas
Using bright acrylic paint, the surf artists moved onto creating surfing self portraits.  The room seemed to glow with talent as the artists sketched and painted images of themselves on the beach and in the surf.
 A colorful under painting makes a great base coat perfect for warm water surf portraits.
 The artists captured a fabulous replication of themselves with their unique styles and personalities.

End of Surf Session Hungries...

And surf art camp comes to a close with tasty "fish on a sandy beach" cupcakes - DELICIOUS!
See you in the water!   

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