Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In the Studio

Working with Clay

After cleaning up and putting away paint supplies from my Monday morning art class, I had the afternoon free to work on a new art project.  As a result of having a studio in the middle of my house, where a very curious kitty loves to "help" and nap on my art table, it's been a while since I've worked with clay.  Lately my hands have been itching to work with this medium again, so it was time to get dirty!

Handmade Pottery Surfboards

With another surfing art camp starting next week I needed a bisque project for the students to glaze.  Therefore, my first task was to create surfboard shapes for the artists.  
 After rolling out a slab of clay, the board shapes were cut out with enough for the class and a few extras for me!! The clay surfboards have been set aside to dry and should be ready for a bisque firing in my kiln in a day or so. 
 In addition, I also created a few smaller surfboards and had fun making little surfer boys and girls. I'm really excited about these cute shapes!  I think they'll look really cool hanging on a necklace, or maybe hanging on a Christmas tree.  If you have any other ideas they would certainly be welcomed!


  1. I think they would be adorable on the Christmas tree..., although can't believe that the word Christmas has already made several appearances in the blogsphere!

  2. Maya - I know - the word Christmas comes so early now-a-days, and I've already had orders for 5 custom wedding ornaments!


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