Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autumn Surf

 Last week I brought my camera along for an early morning bike ride/surf check with my husband.  Autumn along our coast is delightful, especially when the sun is just peaking up over the horizon and the beach is relatively quiet.  As my husband surfed I was able to capture a couple of nice photos which proved to be inspirational for a new Polaroid painting series.

 The peaceful nature of this man captured my attention as he fished patiently along the shore.  I love the way the early morning sunlight reflected off the water and the fisherman.
After deciding this same spot was as good as any, my husband headed out to join a few surfers already in the water.
 The photo that inspired this painting was too perfect not to paint.  As they look off into the distance for an incoming swell it seems as if they're saluting the sun, or a naval ship that can often be seen along our horizon.
Meanwhile, more surfers peddled along the boardwalk with surfboards in tow, checking out different surf breaks before paddling out themselves.
Other surfers, who were out in the water much earlier, called it a day and headed back home. You have to admit, not a bad way to start the day - whether you're a fisherman, a surfer, or just a girl happy to catch it all on film!

If you'd like more information on these paintings,  please click here

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