Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In my studio

Working on a custom wedding portrait Christmas ornament

I recently received a request for a custom wedding portrait ornament along with this gorgeous picture.  I had to smile at the hands clutching onto the grooms arm - mothers do love their sons!  I am just about 100% positive that will be me when my son eventually ties the knot.

 Since the photograph only included the bride and groom, sorry mom I couldn't include your portrait in my sketch.  But I hope I did your handsome son and beautiful bride justice.

For me, painting figures on bisque is much different than painting them on canvas.  In painting with acrylics, the colors are visible as soon as they're mixed on the canvas.  Yet with glaze paints, the colors aren't true until after the piece is fired in a kiln.

The ornament is in my kiln ~ and I won't know how my mixed colors look until after the firing process is finished.  Here's hoping for the best :)

And...fresh out of the kiln...the finished ornament!  What a big difference between the unfired and fired glaze colors.  So happy with the way results of this custom piece.

If you are interested in seeing a few of my finished custom portrait ornaments, just click here


  1. this is spectacular!!!! what an amazing gift!!!!

  2. That is really beautiful! And so funny the hands of his mom in the pic!!


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