Monday, October 3, 2011

Love these!

Performance based paintings by Ana Teresa Fernandez
Exploring the physical, emotional and psychological boundaries and stereotypes imposed on women and their sexuality.
  Untitled (Performance documentation)  Oil on canvas
"Ablution is a series of paintings that derive from performances that submerge the body into specific sites, addressing rituals of cleansing and maintenance, focusing on gender, labor, sexuality and race." 
 Untitled (Performance documentation)   Oil on canvas 
Ana Teresa's first paintings in the body of work titled "Telarana" were of women dressed in Tango attire, performing cleaning activities or domestic chores in private and public spaces. As in Tango, the women duel with their partner — the environment.
 Untitled (Performance documentation)  Oil on canvas
Her attempt to use the body as a symbolic and measuring device for exploration that pushes and pulls the space to its limits, activating it until one feels it pushing back. This dance references the battle between media and predetermined gender notions and expectations, versus instinctual desires and self-empowerment.
 Untitled (Performance documentation at San Diego/Tijuana border )
Ana Teresa's work investigates how women identify their strengths and sensuality in performing labor in which there is no visible economic or social value, and which is frequently considered “dirty.” She also subverts the typical overtly folkloric representations of Mexican women in paintings by changing her characters uniform to the quintessential little black dress. Wearing this symbol of American prosperity and femininity, the figure tangos through this intangible dilemma portrayed by a multiplication of self and the endless and futile task of cleaning the environment to accentuate the idea of disposable labor resources.  

You can see more of Ana Teresa Fernandez' work by visiting her website here

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  1. These are so interesting. I love the second one. The dance of domesticity is certainly an everyday chore!


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