Thursday, December 1, 2011

In my studio

24 more days until Christmas! 
Happy December.

After a nice little get-away over the Thanksgiving holiday to my families all time favorite city, Charleston, S.C., I am fill of grits and turkey and ready to get back to the business of painting.  But before I go any further let me just say, if you ever have the opportunity to get yourself to Charleston you really must pay a visit to Hominy Grill.  The food there is simply to die for!


 I began painting this portrait while we were down in Charleston.  Since my son, daughter and husband like to sleep in and I tend to rise early, I used this time to get a few custom pieces painted.  Which means, yes, I did bring my paints, canvas, bisque, glaze ie. work with me. 

The painting was divided into thirds, cut and adhered to three sanded and stained wood blocks.  Then given a clear coat of glaze to seal and protect my work.
The finished piece of sculptural art was packaged and shipped out yesterday to my customer in Australia ~ where if all goes well, it will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas! 

This wedding portrait ornament is rather remarkable ~ and I'm not talking about the picture, which I totally love ~ but the fact that it is a custom piece ordered by the groom as a keepsake gift for his new bride.  I have had male customers before, so that's not unusual, but my wedding portrait ornaments are almost always ordered by the bride, one of her female friends or by the brides mother or mother-in-law.  So my feeling on this one is ~ what a thoughtful, loving gift.  Yup ladies I would have to say I think this guys a keeper!  I do love this image and can't wait to see what it looks like once fired in my kiln! 

 And here's another custom gift ordered by a male customer.  This portrait is for the mans mother who was a huge fan of Regis Philbin.  On the back is written, per his request, "Regis Philbin's Biggest Fan for 26 years The Morning Show & Live!"  I hope this little Regge brings her many years of holiday happiness.

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