Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In my studio

Custom home re-design
If it could really be this easy.
So, a customer purchased my custom home portrait ornament and along with her image sent the following requests:  When painting the ornament please eliminate the car in the driveway, the telephone pole, the garbage cans, the bare bushes which obscure the house to the left of the front door and the bare tree which is blocking the front door.

Don't you wish reworking the landscape around your house could be this easy!  With just a few swipes of a super large brush all those little things that drive you crazy, or take up a huge portion of your weekend could quickly be eliminated, fixed or built!

My yard boys ~ my husband and, when he's home from college, my son ~ could go from head scratching, hauling, digging, sawing and constructing to simply requesting a few minor changes to the backyard.

With a bit of erasing here, a swoosh of the brush there to add a little texture and color, and wallah you're ready for dinner on the deck!  

Unfortunately, life doesn't work like that.  So I'll go back to sketching, painting and filling customer requests and my husband will go back to planting, raking and fulfilling my requests :)

If you'd like more information on custom painted portraits, please click here.  If you'd like to hire out my husband click here.  :) just kidding, he's a keeper.

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