Friday, March 16, 2012

Beach home decor

Handmade pottery wall hooks with surfboards, vw surf vans and vintage woodie surf mobile designs.

Working on a new line of items for beach and surf decor has led to the creation of these fun little wall hooks.


The weather has been so incredibly awesome lately enabling me to take my work outside ~ which is always a good thing when working with clay! 

I've been utilizing my woodie and surf van patterns - drawn and cut from clean meat trays - to make the process of cutting through clay go a little faster and to keep the shapes more uniform in size.

To create the wall hooks I roll out a slab of clay and cut out long strips with a point at one end.  After smoothing out the edges, the pointed end piece is rolled up towards the top.  

The pre-cut surf shapes are scored and slipped on the back and attached to the prepared hook forms.  I smooth out all edges then let the hooks dry to a bone dry consistency before firing them in my kiln.

Once the clay has been fired to a bisqueware form it can be drawn on, painted with glaze then fired one more time.

Turquoise surf van with orange polka-dotted hook.

Woodie surf mobile and surfboard in turquoise and yellow.

Orange surf bus with yellow polka-dots.
This van looks just like the one my husband used to own - back in his younger days.

The color and drawn design combinations are endless.  I love these and think they would be so cute in a beach home, outdoor shower, beach themed bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, or in a surf themed nursery. 

If you'd like more information or would like to purchase one, they're available in my Magic Markings Art shop.  Thanks so much for following along in my little tutorial!

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