Monday, March 12, 2012

In my Studio

Lately I've been busy working on a few new pottery pieces for the 

In preparation for the new pottery designs I created a couple of patterns to make the work go a little bit faster.  The surfboard cookie cutter was formed by first pounding out an old cookie cutter and then reshaping it into a surfboard design.  The woodie surf car, with all of its curves proved to be too difficult to make into a tin cookie cutter.  Instead, a well washed meat tray was my medium of choice for the woodie and for a surf van pattern.
The Process:

Step 1:  Rolling out the clay into a somewhat uniform surface.

Step 2:  Using my handmade forms to cut shapes out of the rolled out clay.

Step 3:  Attaching design elements to the cut shapes.

I heart surfing :)

A Sneak Peak:

A quick preview of my new pottery creations set aside to dry before being fired in my kiln.  Drying time varies depending on the thickness of the clay.  These pieces will take a few days to dry before they can be fired, glazed and re-fired.  Once finished I'll give them their grand debut.  If I'm happy with the results I'll probably have a few available in my shop as well.
Stay Tuned....

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