Friday, October 26, 2012

Storms a brewing...

So, on Wednesday evening I text my daughter, who is obviously very insulated in her college environment, to see if her crew team has postponed their race on Sunday due to the storm brewing off our coast.  A few minutes later she responds with "What storm?"  As a parent should I:   (A)  be very happy that she is so involved with studying and school activities that she has no time to worry about weather related issues.  Or (B)  be troubled by her lack of concern in our meteorological conditions.  Having almost total faith in my daughter, I'm opting for (A) while keeping her informed just incase there's a little bit of (B) happening on campus.


I'm scrambling to get orders sketched, painted and into the kiln just incase we're without electricity for any length of time.  Seriously, how inconvenient would that be?!  Even if we did have a generator I'm sure my husband would insist that our refrigerator and other household appliances should take precedence over custom Christmas orders.   Whatever the case, hopefully we'll all be as prepared as possible and ready to ride this storm out without any major problems or repercussions.   

As a side note:  My daughter informed me that her crew race has been cancelled for this Sunday.

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