Thursday, March 28, 2013

Go take a hike

One of my favorite local hiking spots where the diverse beauty of nature can be found along its well kept trails is First Landing State Park otherwise known as Seashore State Park.

The park, located one block away from the beach, offers a plethora of natural beauty beside its nine trails that collectively cover more than 19 miles.   In the course of a lengthy trail walk one can pass through a southern cypress swamp, edge a black water lake, cross a salt marsh nested by osprey, pass through a cathedral of Spanish moss and wind up along the bay. 

On a recent morning walk along the Osprey Trail with my friend Sara, we came across a group of oystermen busy at work on their oyster lines - underwater cables linked to hundreds of cages overflowing with growing oysters. 

Due to the dedication of a group of oyster loving environmentalists with the Lynnhaven River Now organization the river is being brought back to life through reduced contamination, education and restoration of lost habitats. 

We discovered these oyster cages sitting along the shore.   The rusted cages, covered with barnacles and oysters in various stages of growth, provided a wonderful juxtaposition of man made and natural textures perfect for picture taking opportunities.


Hikes along the various trails in this park offer much variety in the way of wildlife, natural beauty and diverse terrain.   A great spot indeed.

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