Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monday in the Studio

Two artists capture the illumination of a skyline at sunset.

 Painting 1 - Sunset in Tuscany


The painting above shows an artists interpretation of a Tuscan sunset created during last weeks art class.  This week the artist decided to lighten the sky and begin anew.

Through the beauty of paint a different setting has originated and will continue to develop during the artists next painting session.


Painting 2 - Sunset in South Carolina

Shown above is an image of the painting taken at the end of last weeks class.

To this the artist added a deeper blue into the sky and created a cloud bank embellished with color.

The finished painting ~ Sunset in South Carolina - Acrylic on Canvas by Julia David

Meanwhile another artist continued to work her sailboat painting

A full days class.  Until next week...

“The canvas isn’t empty. It’s full of whatever you imagine it to be full of."

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