Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Art Camp - Garden Art

Art for the home and garden

 Art Camp Projects



For our first art project the artists created a terrarium from a slab of clay.  We discussed vessels that can be used and what can grow inside a container.   Armed with this information the artists drew, cut out and applied over a slab of rolled out clay a paper terrarium pattern.  The boys and girls traced around the shape, cutting through the clay with pencils, to form the foundation of their terrarium design.  They assembled rocks, plants, bugs and creatures from left over clay that were then applied to the clay base. 

The handmade terrariums were set aside to dry, fired to a bisque ware state in my kiln, painted with lead-free glaze, then fired one last time.  To finish off their pottery pieces,  a saw tooth hanger was attached to the back.



Bird sculptures were created from clay left over from the artists terrariums.  The clay was rolled, pinched and modeled into a variety of bird forms.  A hole was made in the bottom of the birds so they could later be attached to a wooden dowel.


A very colorful flock of birds ~ glazed, fired and in flight.



With thoughts of butterfly, rainbow, balloon and princess gardens for the girls and death, grave and zombie gardens for the boys; the artists sketched and painted a bisque garden stake.  Afterwards, the stakes were fired in my kiln to a lovely glossy ceramic state - perfect for planting in an outdoor garden or container. 



Inspired by Daliah Smith's colorful Peach Painting

Perfectly Peachy - oil - 5x7 inch

To begin their painting on a 16x20 inch canvas, the artists drew three large circles, within these they added three smaller circles, then two curved leaf lines all of which formed the basic shape of the three peaches.

Multiple coats of gold and pink paint were applied to the negative space to create a sense of depth with color, value and texture.

The artists paint palettes contained light pink, dark pink, dark green, light green, gold and white.  They used a combination, and multiple layers of these six colors to paint the peaches, leaves and shadows.

The proud artists with their finished masterpieces:


On the last day of art camp everyone takes part in our Friday feast - cracking, pouring, mixing, scooping and finally eating scrumptious cupcakes.

Thanks to my artists for a great week of family fun and creativity!


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