Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Art Camp

All Girl Tea Party





Hand drawn shape patterns applied over a slab of rolled out clay and cut out with pencils formed the foundation of the artists cake design.  Once the cake shape was created, the girls got all "cake bossy"with the left over clay that was rolled, scored, slipped and squished on top much like fondant icing.



The handmade cakes were set aside to dry then fired to a bisque ware state in my kiln.  Afterwards the girls used a pottery pencil and lead-free glaze to add color, shape, line and pattern to their clay art. 


The cakes were "cooked" once again in my kiln.  To finish off their pottery pieces,  a saw tooth hanger was attached to the back.  





The artists next pottery project was to produce a teacup design on bisque ware, while keeping in mind the elements and principles of art ~ line, shape, color, pattern and harmony.


Glazed and fired the teacups were ready for our end of the week tea party.




To begin their teacup painting on a 16x20 inch canvas, the artists drew three consecutive circles which formed the basic shapes of a saucer, teacup and tea.   Multiple coats of paint were applied to the negative space to create a sense of depth with color, value and texture.



The artist then applied the same painting process to their teacups and saucers.  Once finished the girls applied shadows and added a flower to the negative space, then they let me snap a picture of them standing by their paintings -

 Feet stepping in as the artistic signature :) 



On the last day of art camp everyone takes part in our Friday feast - cracking, pouring, mixing, scooping and finally eating scrumptious cupcakes.

A huge thank you to my lovely art assistant Cabel for your very skillful help this week, and to the rest of my artists for sharing their creativity and joy.



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