Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Art Camp

Wonders of the Natural World

This week artists created works of art prompted by their knowledge of sea life, animals of the wild and plant life.


As a prompt for our first project we discussed various forms of sea life.  Afterwards artists sketched a fishbowl shape on card stock which was cut and placed on top of a slab of clay.  With a pencil students traced the pattern cutting through the clay as they went.   An assortment of ocean dwelling creatures were built from clay scraps, then scored, slipped and squished to the fishbowl.   The fishbowls were set aside to dry then fired in my kiln.

During our next class the artists painted their fishbowls with pottery glaze and their artwork was fired once again.

The fishbowls in their finished state look absolutely adorable.


The artist's bisque garden markers sketched, painted, fired in my kiln and ready for a garden.


Inspired by Eli Halpin Paintings

Eli Halpin - Three Goats

We began this project with a discussion of animals in the wild and the whimsical artwork of Eli Halpin.   This was followed by the artists sketching an animal of their choice onto a 16x20 inch canvas, using the rules of three to create an interesting composition.

In order to create visual interest, at least three layers of color were applied to the negative space of the background.   The artists chose two complimentary colors and painted them in layers on their animals.  Rosy cheeks and decorative accents finished off their whimsical paintings.





 A round of thanks to Eli Halpin for providing artistic inspiration for this painting project!


Wooden boxes were drawn on and painted creating a fun little piece of work in which to store various treasures.


On the last day of art camp everyone takes part in our Friday feast - cracking, pouring, mixing, scooping and finally eating cupcakes.   A delicious end to another wonderful week of art.




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