Saturday, August 8, 2009

ACEO's - Original Hand Painted Surfing Series

What is an ACEO?
Art Cards, Editions and Originals
Miniature pieces of art that have become very collectible due to the fact that they are whimsical and affordable. The cards can be any medium, but must measure 2.5" x 3.5" - the size of standard sports trading card. I discovered aceo's this past week and thought they were so cool that I had to create some myself. Here is my first attempt at an ACEO series of surfing art.

In Search Of....
The first in my series of ten surfing/beach aceo's
Acrylic on 246 lb. linen canvas

Number two in the series.
Acrylic on 246 lb. linen canvas

"In Search Of...."This series of surfing art will highlight a day in the life of a surfer. With his sights on the horizon, envisioning the limitless possibilities of the ocean. To be a surfer is to be free ~ a couple of boards, a pair of trunks or bathing suits, some wax, and a reliable car or bike ~ makes the "to do list" complete.
"In Search Of....a day in the life of a surfer" ~ check back throughout this week as the story line, and illustrations focus on this carefree lifestyle.

In searching for ACEO inspiration and information ~ Here are a few artists whose original ACEO's inspired me.

LeBerge on Etsy
Everyone is an artist on Etsy
Tapestry 316 on Etsy
These are many more wonderful pieces of little art on etsy ~ so if this has grabbed your attention ~ go to etsy and type in ACEO ~ you ~ seriously ~ won't be disappointed.
And ~ if you want to check in to see what happens to surfer dude ~ here is my link
Magic Markings Art on Etsy


  1. Miniature pieces..., that is so interesting. Love your depictions. The VW a true beach icon.

  2. Maya - A teal blue and white vw camper van with a white interior is my dream car. My husband used to own a couple of vw van's during his high school and college years. Oh how I wish he still had one!
    Oh, well...maybe after both of our kids are finished with college!

  3. Love your ACEOs. I just discovered trading ATCs and love it!


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