Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A peak into Autumn

A little frost on the pumpkins,
football in the air,
and artful entertaining outdoors.

Pumpkin Martini's

Served beside an outdoor fire pit ~
along with a few of your favorite friends ~
a truly delightful way
to welcome in the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd.

Wine and Cheese

A great glass of red wine~
delicious slices of handmade cheese ~
and grapes fresh from the harvest.

Pumpkin Martini and
Wine and Cheese are my two newest ACEO's
Painted with acrylic on linen canvas.
Created with thoughts of celebrating the fall season with friends.
Available in my shop ~ MagicMarkingsArt.com


  1. love the leaf in the martini glass! great autumn colors.

  2. really great aceo's i particularly like the wine and cheese one. it has a very french country feel to it. i would love to know what medium they are in, just a suggestion for future posts.

  3. mistyridge - thank you. both of the aceo's have been painted with acrylic on linen canvas.
    Leah - the leaf was a last minute decision for a bit of whimsy with the martini. :)


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