Sunday, August 30, 2009

Handmade Back to School Supplies

In this past weeks art camp we created works of art based on the "Going back to School" theme.
Below are photo's so you can follow us through our creative week of art.
If you would like detailed directions for any project shown, just let me know.

Handmade Pottery Pencil Holders

Working with clay.
Materials: rolling pins, clay, cookie cutters and plastic cups.

The girls rolled out the clay, formed the clay around a plastic cup, and attached decorative pottery pieces. The girls also cut out shapes that will be used in another project. The clay was set aside to dry, then fired in my kiln.

The "bisque" ware was painted with glaze colors, re-fired, and
wala ~ lovely, colorful pencil holders

White board/Cork board with Decorative Pottery Pieces

Second Project
Materials: clay, rolling pins, cookie cutters, wooden board, cork board roll, sheet of white board, screw eyes, and wire.
The girls thought of a theme for their white/cork board ~
used cookie cutters to cut out their names and shapes ~
composed the decorative outline for their board ~
the clay was set aside to dry ~ then fired along with their pencil holders.

The "bisque" shapes were glazed and re-fired.
A rectangle of cork and white board were cut and attached to the piece of wood.
The girls attached their pottery shapes around the edges of their board.

The finished boards ~ ready to receive notes and messages.

Painted Composition Books

Third Project
Materials: Composition Book, paint, camera, printer, decorative papers, scissors, Modge Podge.
The girls coated the front and back cover of a composition book with white paint.
A "sporty" portrait was shot, printed, cut, and decorated with paper.

A background scene was painted, more decorative pieces were added, the portrait was attached with Modge Podge ~
And the girls each have a personalized composition book to use
for school notes, or as a journal.

Decorative Tin Boxes and Handmade Note Cards

Fourth Project ~
Materials: Empty Altoid Tin, decorative papers, scissors, tin box pattern pieces, ribbon, Modge Podge, pottery piece.
The girls traced, cut, and Modge Podged decorative papers to the outside and inside top and bottom of their Altoid Tins. Added ribbon and a pottery piece to the top.

Little Note Pads were made using the matching paper. A hole was punched into the top of the papers, a ribbon was attached, and the note cards placed into their decorative tin boxes.

The girls are all set for a new school year with their handmade school supplies ~ which are beautiful and useful at the same time.


  1. That looks like so much fun!! My boys weren't interested in crafty projects, missed that part of being a parent.

  2. Beautiful ideas for art and children!


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