Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two more paintings

In between teaching, painting commission pieces,
and creating new pieces for my etsy shop ~
I'm also trying to finish a few paintings in time for the
Stockley Gardens Fall Arts Festival ~
October 17 - 18

The following two paintings are just about finished

Ducks Cottage Coffee and Book Shop

Although I hate to admit it, this painting has been "in the works"
for about a year. For some reason, the colors were driving me crazy ~
but after much layering and color change, I think it's finally just about complete.
You can read the original post, and history of Duck's cottage here:
Ducks Cottage

in New York City
This piece is one in my series of Starbucks Paintings.
I can't remember where in New York City this Starbucks is located,
but it's on a corner ~ by a subway~ if you know the location,
I would love the address.

If you live in ~ or close to Norfolk, Va ~
Please stop by the Arts Festival and help support the
Hope House Foundation and the exhibiting artists!

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