Monday, October 26, 2009

Artist Spotlight - Janet Hagerman aka Jazz

My very first "Women who Art" Artist Spotlight
features ~
Janet Hagerman.

Janet and I met last March when her daughter, Amy, threw her a
birthday painting party .(to view her party, click on the blue link)
Afterward, Janet asked me to teach an adult art class ~ from whence
comes "Women who Art". This lovely group of artists, many of whom
have never painted before, have been meeting for five weeks as of today.
I look forward to my Monday mornings with this talented group of
women and would probably never have scheduled an Adult Art Class
without the gentle push from Janet.
So this spotlight is to thank her, and to show off her incredible work.
From the first day -
setting up, graphing, and drawing the image
on canvas to the final piece of art.

Bravo Janet!

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