Friday, October 2, 2009

A Week in Review

Here's a small review of the artistic
happenings in my stud
io this past week.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
afternoons I give private art lessons to three
students. Here's a little peak at their work:

Tuesday's Art Lesson ~
Graph drawing a self portrait on canvas.

Wednesday's Art Lesson ~
Painting a family portrait on canvas.

Thursday's Art Lesson ~
Painting an Impressionistic Landscape on Canvas ~
this will be the background for his self-portrait.

Meanwhile, I still have work to produce ~
here are a few of my pieces:

Sketch of a wedding platter for our good
friends who are getting married this weekend.
Our friends own a "fifth wheel" which is kept on a campsite
in Hatteras, N.C. I thought it would be fun to give them
a platter commemorating their day, and their love
of camping.

Wedding Platter ~ Glazed, Fired, and ready to
be wrapped.

The women who meet during my Monday
Morning "Women who Art" Class enjoy drinking coffee
while they work. To add an artistic touch to our
coffee time, I painted these fun coffee mugs.

A few plates sketched and ready to glaze ~
in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.

Sample preparation, using the "bowl and coil" method
for my "Halloween Tea Party" art class. During this
class - which meets for the first time tonight -
students will be creating whimsical teapots and teacups out of clay.

Surf Shack Teapot
This is my all time favorite teapot.
My son created this during an art class in high school.
I'll use this as an example tonight, but I think a teapot
like this is a little above my students skills and time allotment.
But, I know they'll love it too!

Have an enjoyable weekend


  1. This was fun to see! Love those mugs!!

  2. I want to come when you make art with clay!!! PLEASE let me know if you do it again! ~ Beth


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