Monday, November 16, 2009

Aftermath of the Three Day Nor'Easter

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Life is finally back to normal a few days after the disastrous
visit and departure of the November Nor'Easter. We were
truly fortunate ~ no flooding, trees down, or property damage ~
and our 21st anniversary dinner had just finished cooking when
our electricity went out! Forcing us to have a romantic dinner by
candle light as the wind and rain caused havoc around us.

One of the main roads in our neighborhood that
normally has standing water during high tide -
but never anything close to this much water.
This car still had its 30 day tags!!

The bay water, near where we take out our kayak.
This tide would save us a trek through the sand!

A little further up the road, the bay water crossed the
street and is lapping at the garage door of this home.

Pine straw and high tides = a lovely clean up for
these home owners.

My daughter, looking in amazement at the flooded
land and road.

Mailbox acting as a high tide marker.

The downed tree which caused so many homes
to loose their electricity.

Good riddance wind, rain, and high tides.


  1. what amazing photos
    thank you for sharing
    so glad you are okay

  2. Glad to hear that you and your family are safe and didn't suffer too much damage. When Mother Nature decides she's pissed off, it's a fool that gets in her way. She's a powerful force.


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