Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hand Painted Pottery Ornaments

Trim your tree with these delightful martini and beer themed
Christmas Ornaments. Each ornament is hand drawn
and hand painted with non-toxic, lead-free glazes - and
guaranteed to brighten up your holiday decor!

Chill Baby
Take a chill pill baby - and relax with me by the fire!

Buoy up to the bar
Shake one up down on the dock or as you wait
for your boat to come in.

Holiday Cheers
Put on some cheery Christmas music and dance
around the tree.

Raise a toast to all the wonders of the Holiday Season.

All ornaments are fresh out of the kiln and are
available in my shop ~ Magic Markings


  1. Adorable ornaments! I like the one with a snowman if my mother still put up a tree each year I would get one for her

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  2. Wow, these are great! Chill baby is my fave!



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