Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Fiftieth My Friend...

Twas the Night of Bev's Fiftieth
out on the porch, the bar was set up

To greet all, of course

The decorations were hung, 'round the
house with great care,

In hopes that the Birthday Girl
soon would be there;

The friends were all gathered, amidst
the whites and the reds,

While visions of birthday cake danced
their heads;

Witness Bev with her martini glass,
and wearing her crown,

Laugh with abandon,
'cuz her friends were around.

Then out on the porch, there arose
such a noise,

Wouldn't you know, it came from
the boys?!

Step away from the beer the girls said
with a chuckle,

It's gonna be a long night, we don't
want you to buckle.

The crowd was diverse, and divine was
the food,

How nice to be part of this fun party mood.

The front door would open,

and more
friends would appear,

even her U. of R. roommate from back
in the year

With our smiling families,

their daughters lively and cheering,

The noise level was loud, even for those

who are hard of hearing.

Navigating the neighborhood by car
they all came

And Bev smiled, and chatted, and
introduced them by name;

there were church friends, and work friends,
neighbors and more, oh ~ and look ~ there's
Wayne by the door.

These girls were the party hosts,
with their smiles so bright,

They welcomed the men

way into the night.

After waving good-bye from
the porch door

I slipped into sexy footie p.jammies

While my friends passed out on the floor.

Many thanks to friends, those who live close by,
and especially to those who traveled, who helped make this
an evening to remember.


  1. What a wonderful time you all had!
    Great job on the 'night before Christmas' parody, lol!

  2. It was definitely a fun time. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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