Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surf's Up

My husband and son are both surfer's so our family vacations are usually centered around a beach town somewhere. Even though we live on the coast, as a surfer, there's always the desire to ride the waves somewhere else - and, upon arrival, to find the perfect spot. I suppose, perhaps through osmosis, this is why so much of my art and the art in our home is either beach or surf related. Here are a few paintings I created for our "home art gallery"

My husband and son
Summer of 2000

Our daughter - Summer of 1999

My sister and me circa 1969

Oceanside Table for Two

Trust me, I'm not complaining! I love living near the
ocean and know, no matter where our children end up
living , coming home will always be a fun destination.

Wishing you a day of sunshine and warm ocean breezes.


  1. More great summer paintings! I love them!

  2. I have never been on a surfboard..., wind surfing yes, but not riding the waves. Such great paintings. I love the table for two!!


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