Saturday, March 6, 2010

Women who Art - Student Spotlight

The spotlight this week falls onto an artist who is brand
new to the artistic medium of paint. Yet, as one can see from her
finished masterpiece, she has a dormant talent that has been patiently waiting to be discovered. I look forward to showcasing more of her work in the future, and I happily introduce you to my delightful friend and artist, Sara Cummings.

During her first class, Sara drew the image - based on
an old photograph of her fathers sailboat - painted
an undercoat of green and, using a complimentary palette
of greens and red, added color to the landscape.

Sara built up the background color of the Oregon
Coast and used the same color palette to create a
reflection in the water.

The ghost ship waiting for color.

Once Sara got over her trepidation of adding color
to the white boat, her painting really began to take on life.

Using the same basic color palette, more paint
is added to give depth and dimension to the boat and
surrounding water.

A reflective moment in her little corner of the room.

The moment of glory - signing her name to the finished piece.

And - the artist and her very first masterpiece.
Sara, I enthusiastically encourage your hidden talent and look forward to watching to watching your artistic expression develop.

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  1. i love seeing people step out of their comfort zones to paint, make music, weave something, build something, whatever and you did a lovely job of chronicling it.


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