Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Womwn who Art - Student Spotlight

This beautiful piece of restful art -
painted by artist Susan Bernhardt -
temps one to grab a great book, a cool glass of wine
and settle in for a relaxing afternoon in the summer sun...

Susan began the painting by adding luscious cool colors
to a yellow ocher background.

She layered gorgeous shades of blue, purple, yellow
and green onto the chairs and surrounding space.

Then created depth with vibrant shadows and highlights.

After a "wall worthy" critique from her art group peers,
Susan signs her name -

And invites viewers to kick back, grab a glass and unwind.


  1. Thanks Amber - It was so delightful to watch this painting develop. I'm only sad that it won't be hanging in my house!!

  2. Awesome picture, makes me want to sunbathe with a good book

    I've nominated your blog for a fun award http://lisajhoney.blogspot.com/2010/03/award.html

  3. i love to see peaple sitting and drwing ith great passion!
    so the reult must be lovely!!!!
    you are welcome to my blog!


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