Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun and Functional Art

 What could be better than art that is functional as well as delightfully fun?  These pottery portrait plates and platters are decorative serving pieces which would look great on a table or on a wall.  They also make unique keepsake gifts for your family or friends on Valentine's Day, Weddings or any special occasion.

The Process:
Each portrait photo is hand sketched onto the plate or platter with a pencil, painted with lead free pottery glazes, outlined with a thin black line, signed and coated with a clear, lead free glaze.
The glazed plate is not as shiny and the colors not as vibrant as it is once fired at a high temperature in the kiln.
Such a difference - this is why it's always so much fun to open the kiln after firing.  Now the plate is food and dishwasher safe.

Shapes and Sizes
The plates come in different shapes and sizes ~ from a round 8.25 inch plate perfect for salads, cupcakes, or appetizers to a round 10.25 inch dinner plate to...
Large square 11.25 inch platters perfect for parties, family dinners or for the newly engaged or just married couple.

This work in process is for my niece and her fiance....shhhh it's a gift not yet fired.....
Keep these portrait plates in mind if you have special photographs you would like created into decorative keepsake pieces.  Or visit my shop for more custom gift ideas by clicking here

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