Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another day in the Studio

Today started bright and early as Kitty and I had a list of projects to finish before we were scheduled to help a friend pick out tile for her new home addition.  With the first day of Spring less than 2 weeks away, we are busy preparing a new line of springtime Easter and garden ornaments.  The first of which was taken out of the kiln this morning.

The decoration is topped with color coordinated ribbon, so Kitty took it upon herself to choose the perfect shade of aquamarine.  Her eye for color is impeccable as her selection was spot on.

There were a few moments when she was a little distracted - you know cats and ribbon - not the best combination when there is work to be done!  Yet, once re-focused, she was right back on track helping to tie the ribbon and pick out locations for the photo shoot.

 Kitty thought the garden would be a great site for photographing our Springtime bunny rabbit ornament.  I have to admit, if you can overlook the paw prints left on the picture, this location was a keen choice for showcasing the decoration.

For a few moments Kitty was distracted by a squirrel, so I was able to get a quick picture of the ornament back without any paw prints.

She's now requesting a springtime ornament with her image, so I guess that will be on our "to do" list for tomorrow.  Stay tuned if you're interested in decorations hand drawn and painted with help from artistic kitty.

I don't mean to boast, but I do think I have the cutest studio assistant.  I hope she decides the benefits of the job and creative responsibilities are worth her staying!     **     If you'd like more information on our Bunny Rabbit Ornament you can check it out HERE    We also enjoy creating custom pieces so don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas.

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